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RevStar is AWS Done Right, Without the Hassle or Worry. We’ll Analyze, Architect, and Build the Perfect AWS Solution for Your Business in a Rapid Timeframe.

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Building your AWS solution the right way through careful planning saves time, money, and plenty of resources. You’ll get the perfect solution the first time, and you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on mistakes. Our team is thorough, experienced, and detail-oriented.

"Over One Million Businesses Worldwide Use AWS Services, Including Some of the Largest Earners like Netflix, Facebook, BBC, ESPN, and Adobe."

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Innovative and Efficient Application Acceleration

At RevStar, we understand the need for rapid software and app development in a continuously changing business environment. Our approach is simple, quick, and efficient; you’ll get exactly what you need in a short timeframe.

Looking to Build in the Cloud?

Building directly from the cloud helps keep your software both reliable and scalable. No more tedious transfers of software and information; everything originates and lives in the cloud.

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Cloud-Native Application Development

Cloud-native solutions can drastically increase your business’s productivity, efficiency, and even sales. Let us develop a simple, effective cloud-native application to help your business utilize the cloud.

Getting Started with AWS

Step 1


We’ll work with your team to ensure we’re identifying all of your requirements, and we maintain a level of flexibility to change those requirements as development progresses. After all, if your custom software isn’t exactly what you wanted, what good does it do you?

Step 2

Design and Prototype

Our prototyping process is both flexible enough to change as requested and rigid enough to stay on schedule and deliver your app on time. With expert developers, a customer-service mindset, and a thorough analysis phase, RevStar is the leader in cloud-native development.

Step 3


Once you’re happy with the skeletal structure of the app, we’ll start the architecture process. We’ll ensure any compliance requirements you have (HIPAA/PCI) are met, polish the final look and functionality of the app, and examine your security requirements to ensure they’re met.

AWS Services Leads the Cloud Vendor Market Share with 32%.

Transform your business with rapid cloud-native app development and AWS services