Beacon Health Solutions focuses on healthcare business process outsourcing. Founded in 2009, Beacon Health Solutions has aimed to help healthcare providers create systems that integrate health benefits and claim systems. Their proven processes help eliminate costly and disconnect legacy systems to bring everything together in order to simplify the benefits and claims processes. They provide business solutions for Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and PFFS.

Beacon Health Solutions was in need of a product to help ensure their employees were adhering to compliance measures in HIPPA year after year. 

The Challenge was providing them with a platform that lets their employees test and train on HIPPA Compliance annually. The training system was mainly focused on cost effectiveness and security.

The solution came in the form of a NodeJS and ReactNative server-less application on AWS.  

This application included the following features:

  • A document setting system for the admins
  • Allowing settings for training materials by the admins
  • The ability to create questions and answers for tests by the admins
  • Sign on and Sign off agreements for users
  • A step-by-step “train-as-you-go” system wizard
  • An automated pass/fail grading system
  • Certificate of completion
  • Historical tracking of test results
  • Testimonials and data snaps of fixe

The Results

With the help of RevStar, Beacon Health Solutions was able to create and deploy an HIPPA compliant system to help them sign on new clients and work with providers seemlessly. With the importance of compliance in the healthcare industry, this application is an invaluable asset for training employees at Beacon Health Solutions. 

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