Benesse Tech has the mission to provide a unique way for family members to communicate and stay connected with their loved one living in senior housing communities. Their mobile app helps loved ones stay connected to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.

Benesse Tech needed help updating their iOS and Android Application functionality to help families connect with their loved ones in nursing homes and the providers taking care of them.

The challenge was revamping their iOS and Android native applications to be compliant and scalable without losing functionality from PHP based micro-services.

The solution came from revamping their current single virtual machine AWS system into a HIPAA compliant server environment built for scalability.  We containerized all of the micro-services and setup CI/CD for automated deployment. 

This application included the following features:

  • Ability to purchase goods & services
  • Ability to make secure donations
  • In-app chat system
  • Real-time well-being updates
  • Secure video chat
  • A referral system
  • Poll system
  • Facial recognition
  • The Ability to send push notifications

The Results

With the help of RevStar, Benesse Tech was able to revamp their current platform, and replace it with a more capable application. By placing the individualized micro-services in different sections of the server, RevStar was able to help Benesse’s application improve its security and scalability, exactly like they wanted.

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