ClienTell is a modern application that lets service providers leave reviews of clients they have worked with in the past. Their platform gives businesses a medium to discuss their experiences with customs, so other businesses know what they are getting into before the start working together with a client.

ClienTell UI/UX design

ClienTell was creating a platform that allowed couriers to rate clients they have worked with in the past.

The Challenge was they didn’t have a solid UI/UX design for their application. They needed a quality design to house all of the functions they were looking for in their application. From rating to reviewing, every function needed to be easy to use and look good doing it.

The solution came in the form of a full UI/UX overhaul by RevStar.

RevStar help with:

  • Updating subscription capabilities
  • Implementing free trials
  • A Spanish/multilingual version
  • A handful of bug fixes for the app and admin portal

All of the modules were given a modern design with clear functionality, so users knew exactly what each piece of the application could do.

The Results

With the help of RevStar, ClienTell was able to launch their product with an easy to use and beautiful UI/UX design on their application. The result was a unique application that consumers have fallen in love with, and you can see that through their 5 star reviews on the Google Play Store.

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