Insurance Software Tools provides top of the line tools for all of your insurance needs. With their cloud-based system, you can quickly quote your customers anywhere you have internet. 

Insurance Software Tools saw an opportunity in the market to replace a long standing software for insurance agencies to run quotes against an aggregate of property and casualty carriers. 

The Challenge was creating a system that had all the functions of the long standing software, while also making something that looked the part of a modern software solution. The focus was on cost-effectiveness and scaleability.

The solution came in the form of a web based cloud-native NodeJS and ReactNative containerized solution on AWS.  

This application included the following features:

  • The ability to manage carrier integrations
  • The ability to quickly search properties on a proprietary database made from public records
  • The ability to easily run property and casualty quotes against the competition
  • The ability to view agency analytics and sales reports

The Results

With the help of RevStar, Insurance Software Tools was able to revolutionize the industry with a beautiful application that had all the capabilities of the big names in the insurance game.

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