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A cloud-native app is born and lives in the cloud, which makes it more scalable, accessible, and secure than software or applications that are built and then moved to the cloud. 

Businesses everywhere are learning that building software that meets their specific needs is crucial to overall success. With software or apps that are developed in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about expensive IT and maintenance costs, or scaling costs as your business grows. 

A cloud-native app or software solution will offer a greater level of security and reliability, as well as easier maintenance and upkeep.

This answer depends on your specific needs and the timeline of your project. Be sure to give our team a call so we can review your needs and formulate your business-specific plan and pricing package. 

Our team is comprised of technology experts with a combined knowledge base over two-decades-long. We focus on transparency, honesty, and a commitment to the quality of our work. We’ll work with you all the way through your project and continue to support it after it’s complete to ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Using a bigger infrastructure for better security. Still responsible for configuration, but ultimately the liability falls on the cloud provider (AWS, etc.) depending on the circumstances. 

With shared responsibility for security between the AWS infrastructure and the customer, healthcare and other personal data are kept secure within the cloud and follow specific guidelines set up by HIPAA. The AWS cloud service helps reduce the cost of security for healthcare data and keep everything centralized. 

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