Create a Google Play JSON Web Token

  1. To get started with a service account first go to the Google play Developer console API access settings page and click the Create new project button:

2.  You should now see a new Linked Project and a few new sections. In the Service Account section, click the Create service account button.

3. You will be presented with an info box with instructions to create your service account. Click the link to Google Developers Console and a new tab will spawn.

4. Now click Create new Client ID, select Service account from the options and click Create Client ID.

  • A JSON file will download, this is your JSON Web Token you will need to send this to your Software Delivery Manager 

5.  Next, switch tabs back to the Google play Developer console and click Done in the info box. You should see your new service account in the list. Click on Grant access next to the service account email.

6. Next under the Choose a role for this user, select Finance and click Add user.

7.  You have now set up your service account and it has all the necessary access to perform receipt validations. Send us the JSON file so we can generate access tokens.