Create Email Distribution Groups

G-Suite (Google)

  1. Log in to with an admin account
  2. On the left hand side click on the menu button
  3. Next click Directory and Groups

  4. Next click “create group”

  5. Fill out the information

  1. ****VERY IMPORTANT**** When setting permissions, ensure that the “Publish Posts” setting has “External” checked. Otherwise, you won’t be able to receive emails from outside your domain.
  2. All other settings below that are at your discretion 
  3. Then click “Create Group”


  1. Log in to with an admin account
  2. First we’re going to create a Contact for the RevStar DevOps email. Click on “Contacts” under the Users section and click “Add a contact”

  3. Fill in the below information
    First Name: RevStar
    Last Name: DevOps

  4. On the left-hand side click on Teams & groups

  5. Next click Active teams & groups

  6. Next click Distribution List Tab

  7. Next click Add a group

  8. On the Choose a group type click Distribution and then Next

  9. Name the group
    Ex. AWS Management

  10. Add internal client owners to the account

  11. Next, add users whom you would like to receive emails that are shared by the cloud provider. Please also add the RevStar DevOps user that we created earlier and click next

  12. Now we create the email address. Nomenclature that we follow is  Ex.
    ****VERY IMPORTANT**** Make sure you check the box next to “Allow people outside of my organization to send email to this Distribution group”

  13. Click Next and then Create Group