Scale Your Business with the Unmatched Agility of Cloud-Native Applications

RevStar builds self-healing and auto-scaling applications that allows organizations to envision, innovate, and deploy in weeks, not years.

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Cut Space, Save Time, and Open New Doors With Web Based Applications.

Embrace modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers. Quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality.

How Web Applications Help Your Industry


Mesh old software and new software in one uniform platform that lets you see all the financial workings in one place.


Don't miss out on patient information in an old platform to a new format. Put it all together in a convenient web application.


Keep provider and client information together in one easy to use web application you can access from any web browser.

Find the Right Cloud-Native Partner

Finding the right cloud-native technology partner is vital to success. Small companies can lack capabilities, whereas large companies aren’t able to offer a personalized service. This often results in capacity-constrained resources, delayed projects, and difficult infrastructure maintenance. 

At RevStar, we close the gap with a highly personalized experience alongside scalable capabilities. We can help you stand out from the competition, while simplifying your operations with customized functionality that keep different systems working together for optimal efficiency. 

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Web Based Applications Can Advertise For You 24/7, and Open the Doors to New Possibilities From Anywhere.

Join a large percentage of American businesses that are switching to cloud services and cloud-native applications to improve their growth, sales, security, and reduce overall IT-related costs.