About RevStar

Innovative Cloud-Native and Software Solutions for Modern Business

RevStar combines decades of technological expertise, coupled with a rapid development approach that focuses on integrity to bring the best cloud-native software solutions for your businesses. We’ll work directly with your team using our 3-step approach to create the perfect product roadmap and propel your business into the future.

System Integrations
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Our mission is to adhere to the values of integrity, quality, and accountability in order to provide your business with the best cloud-native and software solutions on the market.

Cloud Integrations


Planning prevents problems, reduces costs, and makes for a better product overall. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of your business’s individual needs.

Analytics & Business Intelligence


We’ll go over your needs with a fine-tooth comb to ensure every angle is covered before moving onto development.We’ll formulate a plan that suits everyone’s needs, time restrictions, and budgets before we begin production.

Our Team


Ken Pomella

Chief Executive Officer

Ken is a serial entrepreneur & CEO of RevStar Consulting, specializing in creating pure cloud software solutions that solve business problems. He is a cloud-native development advocate and early adopter with over 15 years of experience in software development, enterprise information technology leadership, and business solutions architecture. Ken has experience in running startups and working at fortune 1000 enterprises so he is well versed in what it takes to succeed. Whether it’s starting a new endeavor or scaling up a current business, his dedication to sustainable software for modern businesses drives RevStar Consulting’s core values allowing us to create efficient, secure, and build-to-grow software solutions.

David Malone

David Malone

Chief Technology

David has spent over 20 years designing & delivering end-to-end technology solutions across a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, finance, retail, education, and technology. He’s worked for customers ranging from large global conglomerates to incubating startups. His experience includes working as a full-stack enterprise software developer, DevOps, digital transformation, and cloud technologies. Previously at Amazon Web Services, he spent his time helping customers innovate in the areas of IoT, AI/ML, and modern application development. As a hands-on technology leader, he continues to enjoy learning about the ever-evolving technology landscape and effectively designing innovative solutions.


David Mumford

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, David excels at pulling together the best people, assets, and ideas. He works closely with both clients and development teams to create specialized products that bring great concepts to life through a design-first approach. David has over 10 years of experience across multiple industries, working extensively in eCommerce, design, education, hospitality, healthcare, and insurance. Always stepping into a leadership role, David has worked with numerous companies to develop brands, design products, manage projects, and accelerate growth.

Mike Zachar

Mike Zachar

Vice President of Customer Success

As Vice President of Customer Success, Mike works directly with clients throughout the development process to ensure the successful delivery of our products. Always tailoring the process to continually improve the client engagement, Mike believes that when a client is informed and engaged in a project a better experience and smoother delivery is achieved. He has over 10 years of experience in software development and management. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University at Albany (SUNY), is happily married, and is the proud father of a son and two furbabies.

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