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Innovative Cloud-Native and Software Solutions for Modern Business

RevStar combines decades of technological expertise and a rapid development approach with a focus on integrity and customer service to bring the best cloud-native and software solutions for modern businesses. We’ll work directly with your team using our 3-step approach to create the perfect customized software or cloud solution to best meet your needs and propel your business into the future.

System Integrations
internet of things devices


Our mission is to adhere to the values of integrity, quality, and accountability in order to provide your business with the best cloud-native and software solutions on the market.

Cloud Integrations


Planning prevents problems, reduces costs, and makes for a better product overall. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of your business’s individual needs.

Analytics & Business Intelligence


We’ll go over your needs with a fine-tooth comb to ensure every angle is covered before moving onto development.We’ll formulate a plan that suits everyone’s needs, time restrictions, and budgets before we begin production.

Our Team


Ken Pomella


Ken Pomella is a cloud-native development advocate and early adopter with over 15 years of experience in software development, enterprise information technology leadership, and as the CTO of two different startups. With a dedication to cloud-native technology, RevStar provides sustainable software for modern businesses with expert hands at the development helm.

David Mumford

Software Delivery Director

As Software Delivery Manager, David excels at pulling together the best people, assets, and ideas. He works with both clients and development teams to create specialized products and bring great concepts to life. David has over 10 years of experience across multiple industries, working extensively in ecommerce, design, and project management. Always stepping into a leadership role, David has worked with numerous companies to develop brands, design products, and accelerate growth. 


Mike Parda

Lead Software Developer

Mike Parda is a seasoned software developer and leader who brings over a decade in software development and leadership to RevStar, including extensive PCI and HIPAA compliance to go along with his background in both the enterprise and startup spaces.  With an appetite for technology, Mike has attained a wide skill set and knowledge base and is a cloud native advocate and technology driven.  Mike’s extensive and varied experience allows him to treat each customer on a case by case basis to provide them with exactly what they need to succeed.


Megan Maguire

Senior Business Analyst

Megan has 4 years of experience as a Business Analyst across multiple industries including Healthcare, Financial Services and Hospitality. Megan uses her Business Acumen and Technical Skills to change business problems into solutions through workshops with clients and generating business requirements, Megan holds a Bachelor in Business Studies specializing in Management and a M.Sc. in Electronic Commerce, Megan also holds the Prince2 Practitioner Certification in Project Management. 

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