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Helping Partners Provide Secure Medication Delivery For Their Customers

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Type of Product

SaaS Platform

Business Vertical



Full-service Development Team—Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Full-stack Developers, Technical Lead, DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Tech Used

ReactJS + NodeJS + Native Android & iOS + AWS + Lambda


Four web portals and a mobile delivery app make up the Medzoomer ecosystem, providing partners with safe and secure delivery to their patients.


Medzoomer has quickly grown, as it has expanded to sixteen states and partnered with four major pharmacy chains in the three years since the company was founded.

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I first approached RevStar with nothing more than a concept, and what they have been able to create since has been quite remarkable. RevStar has done an amazing job building out our proprietary platform, the right way, from day one. They have really hit the mark by managing the project and making sure development remained on budget and on time without sacrificing the software’s integrity. We look forward to continuing our relationship with RevStar as we scale up, and are confident that our platform will grow with our company because of their solid work.

Headshot of Marvin Kloss, CEO and Founder of MedZoomer

Marvin Kloss

CEO, Founder of Medzoomer

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The Client

Founded in 2019 by Marvin Kloss, a former football kicker for the University of South Florida Bulls, Medzoomer is a prescriptions delivery service that connects pharmacies to their customers for same-day store-to-door delivery.

When Medzoomer contacted us they had a good market fit, the budget for a small MVP, and an aggressive deadline to get to market.

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The Challenge

To provide its service, Medzoomer needed to connect pharmacies, dispatchers, and drivers, and integrate with existing telemedicine, e-prescription, and pharmacy systems.

Using our agile development process we were able to quickly pivot to changing business demands. Designing and developing several integrated web portals for pharmacy orders, driver dispatch, and administrative operations, along with a driver delivery mobile app.

We built everything following strict HIPAA compliant requirements on secure and scalable AWS services to ensure customer prescription information stayed well protected.

As the business grew, new drivers had to be identified and onboarded quickly while vetting background and vehicle information. At the same time, new partnerships meant ongoing custom pharmacy integrations.

Through a series of iterations, we developed a robust onboarding driver workflow integrating with CheckR and HelloSign to collect and validate driver information.

Another core challenge was accurately billing partners and paying drivers for completed deliveries. We integrated the platforms with Dwolla, Invoiced, and to generate automated invoices and process payments.

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The Problem

To develop an MVP, Medzoomer needed a highly flexible and scalable team that could adapt quickly to changing business needs, and new requirements, as the company grew and secured new partnerships.

The Solution

We provided a turnkey team to manage, design, develop and advise on the product as it expanded. To meet demand we quickly brought on new resources when required, setting up parallel teams to work on new feature development and support live business operations, while leveraging third-party integrations to cut our time to market by 30%.

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What We Built

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To meet project requirements we built four cloud-native web portals in full-stack Javascript, a native mobile app, and an API for third-party integrations. The entire platform was built on AWS, allowing Medzoomer to quickly scale as demand increased.

To shorten our time to market we integrated with Onfleet, a third-party dispatch and delivery application, in order to cut down on upfront development time; later replacing it with a custom app once proof of concept had been met.

Specialized workflows were mocked-up by our design team for driver onboarding, dispatcher order management, and pharmacy prescription entry. Special touchless signature requirements were also met for deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, our development team integrated a number of third-party services, reducing cost, resource requirements, and time to market.


CheckR, HelloSign, Dwolla, Invoiced, and

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Collage of MedZoomer apps on tablet, desktop, and mobile devices
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The Team

We have a growing cost-effective hybrid team, with an onshore Product Manager and developers from our build center in Colombia. Operating three parallel teams for different products and support.

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Our ability to get to market quickly has allowed Medzoomer to grab market share, raise several rounds of funding, and deliver a valuable service. We continue to expand the Medzoomer ecosystem, by adding new features and pharmacy integrations that support ongoing business growth.

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