MedZoomer is a modern solution for getting your medication delivered directly to your door. Their innovated application allows patients, pharmacists, and couriers to all be on the same page. That means all you need is MedZoomer to set up prescription delivery with your pharmacy. 

MedZoomer had the goal of becoming a ride-sharing prescription delivery service.

The Challenge was being able to integrate their application with telemedicine, e-prescription and pharmacy systems.

The solution came from a HIPPA compliant, cloud-native, NodeJS and ReactNative application on AWS.  

This application included the following features:

  • Ability to accept prescriptions from any 3rd party service via proprietary REST API
  • Integration with OnFleet to dispatch and track deliveries
  • Integration with CheckR, HelloSign and Dwolla for couriers to handle background checks, document sign-up, and courier payout
  • A pharmacy portal to manage deliveries
  • Automated invoicing via Invoiced and

The Results

With the help of RevStar, MedZoomer was able to get all of their integrations into one, easy-to-use platform that let them join the pharmacy delivery industry. Through their application, they were able to bring couriers and pharmacies together in one place.

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