MSA Settlements has the goal of making software to help individuals with the preparation of their Medicare Set Asides. Through decades of experience, they are using their knowledge to help those who need it with credible, efficient, and professional software and services for the next generations of MSA.

MSA Settlements was looking to make their own proprietary system to handle MSA, MCS, and LCP reports.

MSA Settlements’ goal was to get rid of licensing costs of the other systems they were using to complete their reports. Their main focus was reliability, scaleability, and security.

The solution came in the form of a HIPPA compliant, cloud-native, NodeJS and ReactNative application on AWS.  

This application included the following features:

  • Feeds common data fields
  • Auto-calculate spreadsheets
  • Auto-calculate inflation percentages
  • Auto-calculate seed money and annuity data
  • Ability to save templates: client specific and scenario specific
  • Auto filling of codes when descriptions are given: ICD-9-10, CPT, and HCPC
  • Autofill MSA cover letters for CMS submission
  • Upload ability for CMS
  • Convert files to PDF
  • Auto-store of contact informatio

The Results

With the help of RevStar, MSA Settlements was able to bring all their recording and reporting software in-house, which allowed them to cut costs on licensed software they were using to complete their tasks. 

The Global Healthcare Industry is Projected to Account for $52 Billion by 2024.

Join a large percentage of American businesses that are switching to cloud services and cloud-native applications to improve their growth, sales, security, and reduce overall IT-related costs.