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Case Study

Noble Telehealth

Providing prompt and high-quality remote physician care to the citizens of the United States.

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Type of Product

Telehealth Platform

Business Vertical



Full-service Development Team—Solutions Architect, Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Full-stack Developers, Technical Lead, DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Tech Used

PHP + JavaScript + ReactJS + AWS



A cloud-native web portal used for effective communication between providers and patients.


Through a Well-Architected Review, AWS migration, ongoing system upgrades, and a full UI redesign, Noble Telehealth is transforming its legacy product into a modern scalable application that is leveraging the latest cloud technologies.

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The Client

Noble Telehealth is a technology-first healthcare organization, it aims to maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest in cloud technology and application design.

Ensuring comprehensive health insurance reporting, accurate documentation, HIPAA compliant records keeping/handling, and effective provider patient communications.

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The Challenge

When we were approached by Noble Telehealth their platform was in need of a substantial overhaul, the application had a number of features that had not been fully implemented and the client had a long list of new functionalities they wanted to add to the product.

Before layering new development work on an old code base we elected to conduct a Well-Architected Review of the application architecture. This allowed us to identify key areas that required attention, we were then able to outline a comprehensive product roadmap for the client, delivering their desired results over a series of manageable phases.

As the application already had an active user base and directly contributed to the client’s revenue we had to implement a plan that not only delivered on long-term business goals but also provided immediate value and support.

Using our robust agile development process we quickly established a collaborative working model with the client, prioritizing urgent feature requests on a sprint by sprint basis in parallel to redesigning the application's overall user interface design and architecture.

Special considerations were made to ensure the system aligned with HIPAA requirements and met long-term goals to scale into a secure multi-tenant SaaS product

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The Problem

To grow the business, Noble Telehealth needed a knowledgeable technology team that could consult on an overall product roadmap while at the same time providing fast ongoing support for the application and its users.

The Solution

We provided a turnkey team to manage, design, develop and advise on the product as it expanded. To meet demand we quickly brought on new resources when required, working in parallel to support the live version of the system while redesigning an upgraded version that aligned with the client's business goals.

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What We Built

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After our initial code review we worked with the client to outline a phased product roadmap, starting with an AWS migration we moved the legacy application over to secure and scalable environments, giving us the foundation needed for our planned development upgrades.

Designing for future growth we created a new, modern, easy-to-use UI and decoupled the front-end, rewriting the code in React, while also implementing additional AWS services allowing the application to be turned into a scalable SaaS product, opening up new revenue opportunities for the client.

To meet immediate business needs we cleaned up several areas of the system identified during our initial review and polished a list of features that had not been fully implemented when we took over the project. We then added several third-party API integrations to increase the system functionality and supported the live application while continuing to work on the product roadmap.

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The Team

We have a dedicated and cost-effective hybrid team, with a Product Manager and developers from our build center in Colombia. Operating efficiently to provide daily product support and new feature development.

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Our ability to support Noble Telehealth with all technical aspects of their business has allowed them to improve their system, increase revenue, add additional third-party integrations, and conduct long-term product planning.

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