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Case Study

SunJane Global

Cure, Simplify, Connect

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Type of Product

Scheduling/Appointment Web Application

Business Vertical

Mental Healthcare


Full-service Development Team—Solutions Architect, Product Manager, Full-stack Developers, Technical Lead, DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Tech Used

AWS + Lambda + API Getaway + ReactJS + NodeJS + SPA/Micro-service


A cloud-native web application used for patient communication, scheduling, video calls, and training.


We architected a scalable AWS solution and built a robust web application that allowed SunJane Global to offer three functionalities: registration, e-commerce and effective communication with the client.

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The Client

SunJane connects patients to doctors to get their medical marijuana card. SunJane serves as a marketing platform and reference guide to doctors. Our doctor portal is equipped with medical marijuana case studies, produced by medical experts in order to streamline the MMJ recommendation process.

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The Challenge

SunJane Global needed to connect patients, physicians, and personal advisors on their web portal to create ease and agility in creating appointments and additional services.

Given the tight timeframe to create this web portal, RevStar utilized our trusted agile development process, where we were able to respond to the demands of the business.  We designed and developed the web portal for appointments, patient records, patient registrations, case studies, and video resources among others.

Additionally, we followed strict HIPAA compliance requirements on secure and scalable AWS services; ensuring customer prescription and necessity information stayed protected.

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The Problem

With a tight budget and timeframe, SunJane Global was looking to build an MVP web-based platform for their Mental HealthTech startup that helped connect patients with certified doctors to get their Medical Marijuana Card, and a web portal that served as a marketing platform and reference guide to doctors.

The Solution

We analyzed SunJane’s business needs and then provided a dedicated team to architect, design, manage, and develop a competitive product. To meet their business deadlines, we scaled our team up quickly to allow us to work on their web application immediately.

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What We Built

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To meet project requirements, we developed advanced web-based portals, allowing patients to schedule appointments with certified medical marijuana doctors, and for the doctors to check their appointment patients files, change card status, check case studies among other necessities.

Designing for future growth, we created a modern easy-to-use UI that was both friendly and clean; suitable for the Healthcare space and for patient communication.

The web application was developed using full-stack Javascript, built cloud-native on AWS using Lambda through an API gateway, and AWS Cognito for secure user management.

In addition, our development team integrated a number of third-party services, reducing cost, resource requirements, and time to market.

Integrations; Email integration with AWS simple email service (SES); AWS Cognito user management, AWS Api gateway and cogito authorization for secure RestFull endpoint, Origin validation (CORS) only authorized web page can access the backend (, NesJS framework on top of lambda to add security layers.

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The Team

We have a dedicated and cost-effective near-shore delivery team, with an on-shore product manager, UI/UX designer, technical lead, and developers from our build center in Colombia, providing ongoing feature development and support.

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Our approach allowed us to work closely and collaboratively with SunJane Global to quickly develop and beta test their polished, working product, while we built a modern, feature-rich platform that can be easily customized to meet changing product demands.

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