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Type of Product

Scheduling Platform

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Full-service Development Team: Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Full-stack Developers, Technical Lead, DevOps Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Project Duration

September 2021 - Ongoing

Tech Used

AWS + Lambda + ReactJS + NodeJS + ReactNative


A cloud-native web portal and mobile app used for staff scheduling, facility management, and time tracking.


After a thorough UX/UI design phase we architected a scalable AWS solution and built a robust scheduling platform that allowed weCare to replace existing SaaS products that were subscribed to, giving weCare a platform customized to their needs and saving them money on subscription fees.

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The Client

weCare Staffing Services provides comprehensive labor management solutions for both job seekers and businesses looking to hire throughout the United States. Their talented agency staff has more than 30 years of experience in the labor-management market.

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The Challenge

When we were approached by weCare they currently were using a third-party SaaS product called Connecteam along with Excel spreadsheets, and to manage their business and all employee staffing requirements. They wanted to combine all these various tools into a single application that would meet their specific needs as they grew their business. 

We knew they needed a cloud-native solution that would scale as the company added more facilities and employees, and a solution that would allow for multiple applications — initially an administrative web application and mobile applications for both admins and employees.

weCare already had a successful business using their existing tools, so it was important to match and exceed the quality and functionality that they had prior to our new platform. We also knew that they had run into limitations with the tools that they were using, and wanted to remedy them in the new solution. Using our robust agile development process we quickly established a collaborative working model with the client, we worked with them to define a core list of MVP features and elected to break the project into phases based on the business value of each feature set. We also created a batch of initial design mock-ups to validate the core workflows and screens in the system.

Special considerations were made to ensure the system aligned with HIPAA requirements and met long-term goals to scale into a secure multi-tenant SaaS product.


The Problem

To run their business weCare was using a number of third-party SaaS products and software tools. With this model, they were finding many feature limitations and inefficiencies in their workflow. A custom solution was needed to expand their business and streamline their process.

The Solution

We provided a turnkey team to manage, design, develop and advise on the product as it was built. To meet business deadlines we scaled the team up to a size that would get us through the work quickly, and allow us to work in parallel on the web and mobile applications, in addition to designing the UI for upcoming modules.

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What We Built

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Designing for future growth we created a modern, easy-to-use UI that was both fun and clean, suitable for the Healthcare space. We developed an advanced web-based scheduling application, allowing admins to schedule shifts, create facility work templates, manage timesheets, and communicate directly with employees. We also developed an easy-to-navigate employee mobile application that allowed them to accept shifts, clock in and out, and manage their timesheets.

The applications were developed in full-stack Javascript, built cloud-native on AWS using CloudFormation, Lambda through an API gateway, and AWS Cognito for secure user management. We supported multiple web and mobile applications and built with multi-tenancy in mind for future product development. Through AWS we were able to architect a solution that not only met the current platform needs but also future needs to scale the user base, add many more facilities, and turn the product into a subscription-based SaaS service.

To meet immediate business goals we broke the project into phases, first developing the core scheduling applications, then integrating in additional feature sets for advanced billing and timesheet management, staff on-boarding, and external facility account management.

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The Team

We have a dedicated and cost-effective hybrid team, with an onshore Product Manager and developers from our build center in Colombia. Operating efficiently to provide daily product support and new feature development.

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Our ability to work closely and collaboratively with weCare allowed us to develop quickly and beta test with them inline to create a polished, working product that could replace their existing tools, and give them increased productivity by addressing pre-existing weak points in their business operations.

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