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We bring speed, scale, and growth to companies looking to transform their organizations through cloud-native technologies.

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RevStar is a client-centric cloud consulting firm, driven by people dedicated to delivering disruptive products

We analyze your barriers, architect the best solution for your business, and build software that supports your goals, growth, and bottom line.

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our work

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Women's Tennis Association

The best coverage of your favorite players!

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Noble Telehealth

Providing prompt and high-quality remote physician care to the citizens of the United States

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Helping partners provide secure medication delivery for their customers

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US Federal Contractor Registration

Helping businesses of all sizes work with the Federal Government

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A dynamic team of engineers, UX designers, and product managers putting your business first in the pursuit of excellence

At RevStar Consulting we combine decades of experience working with the latest technologies, utilizing a tested agile development process and values centered around customer success. We’re committed to collaboratively working with you on a product roadmap that delivers value upfront and propels your business into the future.

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Our mission is to adhere to the values of integrity, quality, and accountability in order to provide your business with the best cloud-native and software solutions on the market.


Planning prevents problems, reduces costs, and makes for a better product overall. Our approach includes a thorough analysis of your business’s individual needs.


We’ll go over your needs with a fine-tooth comb to ensure every angle is covered before moving onto development. We’ll formulate a plan that suits your needs, time restrictions, and budgets before we begin production.

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Partnering with the world's leading technology providers means we’re able to bring you the most cutting-edge services, tailored to your business and its needs.

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We're a modern value driven-solutions provider, our ethos centers around our clients. Helping you grow faster and build products that matter.

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Our skilled team of industry professionals brings decades of experience to your project, ensuring every aspect is covered from architecture, to design, to development.

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We are your embedded development team, our experience allows us to develop a tailored digital strategy that matches where you're at in your cloud journey.

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Continuous Improvement

Our tested agile process enables us to connect your strategic goals with a best-in-class experience that delivers rapid value and product confidence.

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May 23, 2023

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We're your cloud-native service provider, here to help you envision and execute, value-driven, digital transformation through custom software development.