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Patriot to Product Manager: RevStar Welcomes Mark Ohler, US Marine Corps Veteran

RevStar Patriot to Product Manager: RevStar Welcomes Mark Ohler, US Marine Corp Veteran blog image

RevStar is proud to announce the newest addition to our industry-leading software development team – US Marine Corps veteran, Mark Ohler. We first connected with Mark through the Tampa Bay Chamber Operation Partnership program, a renowned initiative supporting veterans' transition into diverse civilian roles. This comprehensive initiative aims to navigate veterans through their journey from military service to a diverse array of civilian occupations.

Operation Partnership: The Rally Point for Veterans and Business Leaders

The Tampa Bay Chamber Operation Partnership program, led by Katie Lopez, plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between transitioning service members and local business leaders. This program sets the stage for veterans and their spouses to transition smoothly into rewarding post-service careers.

Reaching across the country, Operation Partnership has successfully empowered more than 800 military veterans. Katie and her team achieve this profound impact with proven programming to help veterans articulate their unique skills, build their network of business leaders, and navigate career discovery in the civilian world.

"Seeing the success of our program members like Mark is incredibly fulfilling. His transition from serving our nation to driving technology innovation at RevStar is a testament to the core objective of the Operation Partnership program. It underscores our mission of connecting the business world with the unique skills, experience, and dedication of our military veterans. We're immensely proud of Mark's accomplishments and look forward to supporting more veterans on their journey to civilian careers." - Katie Lopez, Vice President of Member Engagement at the Tampa Bay Chamber.

At RevStar we are proud to support veterans through our involvement in programs like Operation Partnership and military spouses with fully remote careers. We deeply appreciate and value the skills and values instilled in our military families and veterans. These traits include teamwork, integrity, and a strong commitment to service, which are intrinsic to both successful military and civilian careers.

Raechel Canipe, RevStar’s VP of Marketing and Sales and an ardent advocate for Operation Partnership, shared, "Meeting Mark at the Operation Partnership event was a defining moment. His military background, coupled with his passion for technology, left an indelible impression. He embodies the values that we at RevStar hold dear - teamwork, integrity, and service. Connecting with and ultimately hiring dedicated professionals like Mark is just one example of how the Operation Partnership program effectively links military talent with opportunities in the corporate world, and we're proud to be a part of it." 

Mark Ohler: A Veteran of Integrity with a Vision for Technology

From the vast pool of talented veterans, Mark Ohler, a dedicated US Marine Corps veteran, distinguished himself. Mark's professional experience transcends his military tenure; he served as a Project Manager at T-Mobile, displaying an unwavering commitment to service, integrity, and team-oriented approach on both fronts.

In addition to his practical experience, Mark is an aspiring scholar, pursuing a doctoral degree in Business Administration. His blend of academic rigor, industry experience, and passion for technology make him an invaluable addition to the RevStar team.

Stepping into a New Role at RevStar: Product Manager

Mark joins the RevStar family as a Product Manager. Equipped with his unique skills and experience, Mark is prepared to conceptualize and deliver bespoke technology solutions for our clients. His deep-seated commitment to service, integrity, and teamwork are poised to deliver long term success for our client's products.

"Mark Ohler's transition from serving our nation to driving technology innovation at RevStar is a testament to the invaluable skills and dedication of our military veterans. At RevStar, we deeply appreciate and value the traits instilled in our veterans, such as teamwork, integrity, and a strong commitment to service. Mark embodies these values and his passion for technology leaves an indelible impression on our team. We are excited to have him on board as a Product Manager, where his unique skills and experience will contribute to our long-term success and deliver bespoke technology solutions for our clients." - Mike Zachar, VP of Technology at RevStar

RevStar’s Pledge: Championing a Veteran-Inclusive Workspace

Looking ahead, RevStar is committed to its ongoing collaboration with the Tampa Bay Chamber Operation Partnership program. Bringing Mark onboard is a testament not only to the immense talent and unique perspectives that veterans bring to the tech industry but also to the dedicated efforts of the Tampa Bay Chamber to serve and connect military talent with businesses in the Bay area.

At RevStar, we believe that an inclusive and diverse work environment enriches our team and our products. We are steadfast in fostering an inclusive workspace for veterans and military families, recognizing and valuing the exceptional skills and perspectives that veterans like Mark contribute. We also understand the challenges faced by military spouses and the immense value they bring to the workforce.  We offer long-term, fully remote career opportunities, providing flexibility and support for military families.

We stand proud not just as an industry-leading software development agency offering top-notch technology solutions, but also as a community that celebrates perspectives and talent from diverse backgrounds. By welcoming Mark Ohler as our new Product Manager, we've gained an invaluable team member. 

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